Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I got the bluesssssssssssss!

This is another UFO quilt, finally done! It is all denim squares about four inches for each finished square. Here is the front:
Here is the back. I did it "rag quilt" style with no batting.
Finally a closeup of the back. I took five HUGE loads of lint out of the dryer when ragging this part of the quilt! It weighs a ton too!
Binding is also denim. I decided I wanted a finished edge rather than the raggy edge. I also got hubby's music quilt sewn into strips after playing froggie rippit rippit rippit for several hours yesterday! It is not all that complex in design, but since I was unfamiliar with it, I, of course, made mistakes! :P I hope to sew the blocks together later today and will then have the whole top ready to sandwich and quilt.


Anonymous said...

You sure have been busy! My friend wanted to show me her denim quilt she made and handed it to me... almost dropped it... it was heavy. Will last for a long time though. Good work! Huggles, blue

Whats New said...

very cool...you are such a hippy..
Love ya and have a great time..