Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shroom Bouquet

This is our 'shroom' bouquet! You can get a sense of its size by the shots with our German Shepherd near it. AND it is still growing!!!!
I am having trouble keeping up with the spooky things going on around here! Wait till you see the NEXT spooky post. I guarentee it will gross you out! lol Off to work today. Hope to sew tomorrow as these past two days off saw very little progress. Bummer!


Kirsty said...

Wow! are they growing naturally, or do you have a pet gnome who is making his winter home??!!

Cute pooch, too! (I think he's looking for the gnome, too).

Laume said...

That is one giant bunch of mushrooms! Are they poisonous?

Sherri D said...

Yes! I am pretty sure these are often called "Honey Mushrooms" and are on the poisonous list.