Thursday, December 11, 2008

All the Whos down in Whoville, sang......

....around the Who-Candle. So I guess we won't be storing candles in our Christmas decoration boxes in the attic at the new house here in Arkansas! The summer must have been a bit warm up there this year :)

We score a candle and date it with each day of the month for December. Each night we burn off one day. The last day is Christmas day. The candle looks like it came right out of a Dr. Seuss story, doesn't it?

We shipped all the presents off to the adult kids today. Oodles of homemade gifts are winging their way across the country. :) I finally finished my son's quilt. I have only been planning this one for about four years. Last year I assembled the center blocks and this year I added all the borders. I used that bamboo batting for the first time. Machine quilting doesn't make it beard. But hand quilting or doing the binding was a different story! It washes up so soft and fluffy though, that I forgave its bearding a bit. I hope my son likes this quilt!
The studio is all tore apart today. We are rearranging it to make room for the new quilting frame. Hubby is putting shelving up on the wall so we can move the bookshelves out. That gives me more floor space. My work is cut out for me though. What a lot of junque I have!!! lol

Today I sent off the Juki motor to hopefully get it fixed or replaced too. The new machine is here. It is a Pfaff GrandQuilter....slightly used. It runs sooooooooooooo smooth! I am going to be hard pressed to make the decision to put it or the Juki on the new frame. Decisions, decisions!!!