Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not sewing

Now that my gift sewing projects are done, I have turned to reorganizing the studio. The two tall bookcases are gone and I also need to make room for the new frame and machine. Here are some shots of all this work in progress. I hate the mess!!!

First is the north wall. The shelves here were actually made to hold my hand quilting frame. Now it holds a few things I just like having and the hooks are handy to hang stuff from! Under those shelves is a small design wall and a different bookshelf was brought in for the books. To the right is the larger design wall with 'Beadee' watching on. I plan to hang her in the dining room eventually.

To the left is a small wall hanging covered up by hoops and a few shirts are also there, waiting to be ironed. The front door to the house is showing here, on the west wall. My Thanksgiving wreath hangs off the shelving unit too. 'Shiny' is on the smaller design wall here. She will be hanging on the wall of my studio, IF I find I have some spare wall space for her. :)

Here you can see more of the west wall where the front windows are. The south wall, to the right has some of the new shelving showing. Hubby put them up for me to store stuff that used to be on the tall bookcases that we took out. In the corner there is my dress form and the box with the new frame in it. The big file cabinet is where most of my fabric is stored. The mess in the center is part of my current cutting table. Can you see the new frame machine covered by fabric too?

Another view of the south wall shows more of the shelving that hubby put up. He put a second set of shelves in the corner. My little stereo is on it along with more 'stuff.' The TV is on the file cabinet.

Here we see the east wall with the rest of the new shelving. All my thread racks are now together there. My rulers are starting to get hung on the wall again too. I plan to buy one more thread rack for the large cones of thread. My thimble collection is there on the left. To the far left is the doorway to the dining room that is decorated for Christmas. I have a bi-fold door that can be shut when needed. I love my studio and hubby for encouraging me to have this wonderful space!!!
Hubby is going to build a table for the quilting frame and a new cutting table! I feel soooooooo lucky to have all this wonderful space to create in!!!

We had a little excitement overnight here. The first winter storm of the season came with ice and flurries. Here is the minivan, covered in a good layer of ice and some snow. The snow didn't stick to the ground though. School was closed today. I realize this is nothing compared to the winters in Minnesota, but it still has actually been a treat to have a lot more weather changes here than we had in California! Of course I don't have to drive in it, so that makes it more fun!
Here are a few icicles hanging from icicle lights and the arbor in the front yard. We also have a tree in the front yard that you can see here:

Finally we have my little fake white tree by the dining room window. I like how the reflection shows in the window. Those little cardinal birds on the mini tree trunks were my mom's. I have a lot of decorations that were hers. It makes me nostalgic for Christmas' past.
Today I will work a little on the organizing of the studio and might dig out the Pfaff to do a little fabric therapy. I hope everyone driving out there in the ice is safe. This is a bad time of year for accidents and injuries!!!

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