Friday, January 9, 2009

Coffee anyone?

It has been six years since I last had to start over on a computer. I must say, though there are still some files on the old computer that I hope to recover, I am liking this new one! I lost Photoshop but this computer has a nice simple photo program that will work just fine for now.

Anyway, I have Dragons on the brain today. So grab your favorite cup of coffee and join me, won't you? I have my dragon coffee cup with decaf coffee in it. It is late in the day, so no caffeine for me!

Work has been sapping a bit much from me these days. I have not gotten much done in the studio. I just can't get motivated. I have putzed with a few projects though. Here you can see some of the things I am trying to work on:

You can see a fussy cut dragon in the bottom left corner. Follow that around to my coffee cup, doll, water bottle, and all the components of a king size quilt in the middle. The photo doesn't look as daunting as the task. I have approximately 150 white squares to mark for sewing, 150 squares sewn together, six of them cut in half to make those triangle pieces you see there. There are about 400 other squares along that right hand side in various stages of completion. Why DID I decide to make a king size quilt anyway?????

The doll is there to torment me. She has been waiting forever to be completed. The dress she wears is not hers but is only there for modesty. She holds two tiny pink petals. Those are from some hand applique work I am doing. Hubby called them elf ears. Hmmmmm...maybe this doll needs to be made into an elf? I held them next to her head and it was all wrong. Then I thought, "perhaps tiny wings?" I held them to her back and that was all wrong too.

As I staged the items for that photo, I put the pink petals into the doll's arms. Hmmmm...I KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM!!!!! I ain't tellin' though. You'll just have to guess and leave that guess in the comments area here. If you guess right, I might send you a prize!

Finally I dug out this:
This is about 45 x 45 inches square. The bottom is a Michael Miller print. I am thinking of making this into an elaborate wall hanging that is heavily embellished. Remember, I said I was thinking of doing this! Whether it happens or not, remains to be seen.

One thing that occurred to me was that I have been avoiding the studio because I was forcing myself to work on something I didn't want to. I am at the tedious stage of that king size quilt. Even though I cut and sewed carefully, the blocks are not very square. I just want to get this monster DONE. I am not enjoying the process. Of course work has been insane too, and has sapped a lot of my momentum.

I have shared all of this with you, over a cup of coffee. You have a glimpse of how wacky my thought process has been. I hope you also can give yourself permission to put aside a project sometimes and go in a different direction for a while. I believe in 'fabric therapy' not fabric prison!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaa! You are back. Now please send me an email so I have and addy that won't bounce on me when I send you something. Happy New Year! Hugs, Blue