Sunday, January 4, 2009


Dear Friends,
I am writing to you from a borrowed computer. Mine died last night. If I don't get back to you or if you don't see your comments on my blog for the Whirl Away Into Winter contest, please don't worry. I will eventually get everything taken care of.

I DID notice some of the commenters are not leaving an answer to the question about scraps or they are not leaving contact info. Read the rules. BOTH contact information AND answering the question is required. Contact info can be either your blog ID or just adding your email. If either leads me to you, if you are the winner then all is fine.

On the 15th a random drawing will be held here. ONLY the people who followed all the rules will be entered. (Heck, it is only a few 'rules', you can do this!) The cutoff is midnight on January 14th. NO comments will be allowed on the contest entry in my blog, after that time.

I hope to be able to check-in, once a day till the computer is fixed to update the comments list. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

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Linda M. Poole said...

I love your blog!!! Love reading "everything"!!! I added you to my blogroll!