Saturday, January 3, 2009

Finally Back in the Studio

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Today we finished the studio makeover. I am so thrilled by all the work my husband did for me to make this awesome studio! Now I will really have to produce some 'stuff' to justify it. My fabric therapy is worth a lot though. He says I deserve this, and MORE! What a guy! :)

Remember, you can click on any photo to enlarge it to see more detail. This first shot shows the view from my computer desk chair:
The new cutting table is on the left. The chair Santa brought me is covered with a blanket and sits in front of the Juki in its cabinet. The black bar on the right is the edge of the big lateral file cabinet full of folded fabrics. Straight ahead, on the wall, is my thread collection and the Pfaff sewing machine.

This shot is taken from the corner where the Pfaff and Juki cabinets meet. It shows the cutting table, ironing board, and front window with my five 'plant pets'.
:) You can see part of the new machine quilting frame and the Pfaff Grand Quilter machine there on the right.

This shot is taken in front of the Pfaff in the cabinet. You can see the ironing board and cutting table in the foreground. The big black file cabinet is on the wall. In the corner is my computer.

Here is the wall with the thread on it, above the Pfaff in the cabinet. You can see the Juki on the far wall next to the filing cabinet. The shelves above hold 'stuff' and my TV.

Here is Mr. Handyman himself by the door that leads to the dining room. My studio is set up in what would be considered a living room by some folks. The thread is there on the back wall. There is more shelving above along the wall. You can see more of the machine quilting frame table with storage underneath. In the foreground on the left is the bust of my dress form, with a project on it.

Here is another shot of the machine quilting frame on the customized table that hubby built.

I guess I didn't get the best shots of the quilting frame table, did I? lol I am taking this shot by my front door which is on the same side of the room as the front window and my plant pets.

Ok, I just went and took a better shot of the frame table. Here it is:
I cannot believe I have this! I feel very VERY blessed to have such a wonderful supportive husband. Thank you honey! :)

Thank you all for visiting my blog. My next posting will hopefully have pictures of the projects I will be getting back to, and starting anew. NO MORE EXCUSES NOW!!! lol

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