Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fly Away With Me

The blustery winds of March are here in January this morning! I have these balloons anchored down well though and they shall remain so until February 14th! I am giving away this piece of fabric that is over 2/3's of a yard by about 42" wide.
This is by "Fit to Print, Inc. The larger balloons are around three inches big. The fabric has a nice hand to it and it is quilt shop quality. It has been pre-washed. My home has pets and though they are not allowed in the studio, I can't say that a stray hair or two might not be on the fabric.

How do you win this fabric? Here are the rules:

1. Any time between now and midnight CST on February 13th, leave a comment to this posting.

2. Answer this question: "How many and what brand(s) of sewing machines do you own and what machine(s) would you like to add to this list?"

3. A random drawing will be held on Valentine's Day morning and I will mail out the fabric to the winner as soon as I verify their mailing address.

4. If you have a blog link or email link that lets me get in touch with you for your snail mail info, I will contact you on Valentine's Day. If I can't find your email address through your posting, I will go on to the next person on the list.

Good luck!


Sherri D said...

Here is my own comment to the question: I own four machines.
Pfaff Grand Quilter 1500
Pfaff Quiltstyle
1950's era machine called an EauClair.

I want to add a serger to this list!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady! I have Gus, a wonderful Janome 6600 PC and my Old Bessie 2001 Touchtronic Singer. Have a New Home serger that has never been used cause don't have the manual :( Love your colorful blog. Blue