Monday, January 19, 2009

Over halfway should be a good thing, right?

NOT!!! I have been procrastinating and not doing much in the studio these days. Work has improved though, and I can feel my creative juices waking up! In this spirit I made the mistake of finally calculating just how many more flowers I need to make for this hexagon quilt. I need a total of 173 flowers and 14 half-flowers. I have 87 done. I have 86 MORE to do, not counting the half-flowers!!!Ok, ok, think positive Sherri. I AM over halfway one flower. (whimpering yippee???)

By the way, each flower consists of 19 hexagons, not counting the black borders between each. That means I have done over 1,700 individual hexagons in this quilt! I am not sure if that makes me feel better or worse? lolol


Robyn said...

woh!! that's awesome!!
No!! Don't count, tee hee.
Looking so good Sherri...keep up the fantastic effort!
Robyn xx

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Incredible quilt!!!! Don't think of how many you have left to make, think of how many you have already made! You can always adjust according to your energy...laprobe to single; single to double; double to queen; queen to kind; king to what???!!! My first hexie is starting life as a tote bag but may grow to lap robe or beyond if it remains my friend! tee hee!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Aaarggh! Google is misbehaving. Sorry about the double post.

Sherri D said...

that's ok Kate...I deleted the know, hexagons MAKE you do things like double posting when you don't really mean to. lol

Thanks Robyn and Kate for visiting my blog. I was distressed at first about ONLY being half way, but now I am feeling better about it. The most fun I had was in making the flowers! Now I get to make a whole bunch MORE! roflmao

Barbara said...

It's gorgeous! I love the black "paths"- gives it that classic look like the black-bordered granny square afghans. You're making incredible progress on it!