Sunday, April 5, 2009

Air and Bold - Creative Prompts

I always seem to do these creative prompts in pairs! Anyway, the first is "Air" and the writing says: "When I saw this word for last week's prompt, the vision of an old cartoon popped into my brain. a few weeks ago I complained that I thought my doodles were lame. well, they may be lame, but it is a challenge to turn a "brain doodles" into an actually drawn doodle!"
The wind blowing the trees is from the cartoon I thought of. My recent escapades with work led me to comment that I am such an airhead!!! :)

Next we have "Bold." I used fat markers with my colored pencils to keep this doodle totally bold looking! I then just wrote down words as they came into my mind when I thought of "bold." This actually made me think a lot about how differently we can 'see' a word in our minds. Some of these are easy to think of when thinking of the word bold. Some were kinda surprising. I feel like I am in therapy with myself as both psychologist and client!

I finished quilting the Summer Pickle Mystery Quilt today. I will take pictures when I finish the binding on it. It is VERY big and VERY heavy! It makes me wonder if I should do the next king sized quilt with a polyester batting instead of cotton or bamboo? What do you think?

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Jaye said...

Sorry I didn't comment sooner. Nice work. I love the face blowing the trees. You could use that one for a power prompt as well. I think that you should be proud of doodling or drawing or coloring at all. It is hard to spend the time. ry to be kind to yourself about your efforts. All of your work has a distinctive style.