Friday, April 10, 2009

Finished: Summer 2008 Pickle Mystery Quilt

I finished this quilt a few days ago. I have not been able to get my creative juices flowing since before this quilt was done. Anyway, though I have hit a creative roadblock for the time being, at least I can share the completion of this huge quilt!
The bed it is on, is a California King sized bed. I quilted it with my new-to-me table top frame and short-arm machine. I learned so much with this project!
I am actually surprised that the colors worked out as well as they did. I was afraid I had too much contrast or too many medium colors for the "lights" in this quilt. I am glad I was wrong about that!
Here it is turned the other way on the bed. I sure used up a lot of fabric scraps on this project!
I hope my creative juices start up again soon. I have so many things I would like to start, but just haven't been feeling in the mood. And fabric therapy has always been good for me. I wish I knew what was wrong? It could be a number of different things. Maybe when I have those two days off over Easter Sunday, I will have time to work in the studio and have the fabric therapy do its magic to me. :)

In the mean time, I do continue to work on the hexagon flowers. They are such a tiny part of my life right now, but oh so easy to pickup and do a few stitches at a time!!! For now, I think the hexagons are the only fabric therapy that works! Thank goodness for hexagons! lol :)


Blue said...

Your quilt is awesome. You will get your quilting groove back and it will be better than ever. Just think how much easier the quilting process will be! I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments. Blue

Barbara said...

It's fantastic! You do know of course when your quilting inspiration comes back, you'll probably get too many ideas at once!

Lutra said...

I love the way it came out...
The colors are wonderful and the whites just make it pop!
I recognise the wall quilt as well...
One of my favorites!

Stitchywitch said...

Your quilt looks fantastic! Just remember to breathe.