Thursday, April 30, 2009

Be true to yourself

I am SO looking forward to becoming true to myself again! I am leaving the retail job and pursuing teaching. For money I am going to give substitute teaching a try. For the next five weeks, till school lets out, I will be working at the local elementary schools. If I like it, I will go back to it next fall. If not, I have the whole summer to find another job and source of income.

At the same time, I am going to pursue giving quilt/sewing classes out of my home. There is a need in the community for this. I had tried giving hourly lessons but that didn't work. Instead I think I will do defined classes. Students will pay to come to a one or two night class. I think I will try two methods of classes. One will be for them to buy their own supplies to bring to class and the other will be to set them up with kits to do. I gotta thank Linda for this idea. She is the master (mistress?) of kit making and classes. Believe it or not, I have also been inspired by Terri Thayer, the author. I finished her book "Stamped Out" and was inspired by the "Stamping Sisters" story line in it.

Anyway, I have lots of ideas and only have to get through the next few days at the store before leaving it for good. It is time to do this. I am happy that I can now look forward to getting back to what I do best....crafting and quilting. :)

Gentle readers, my words for today are simple: Be true to yourself!

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