Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Basket Day-a day late?

I am half way in between May Basket Day and Teacher Appreciation Week. Today I decided to make a lunch bag for Tommy's teacher. In it I put a flower pot, little baggie of soil, and some forget-me-not seeds, along with a note from Tommy and gardening instructions.

The bag is made from two fabrics, fused together. I used a print with bricks in it to represent a brick schoolhouse and a print that looks like lace for the feminine touch. I got the idea from the Skip to my Lou blog. She used oil cloth in her pattern. My bag is completely machine washable...a trait I like in many of the craft things I make like this. :)
I used a big button and some scrap binding to make a tie for the bag to shut it.
I think his teacher will like this!

Today it has rained and rained and rained here! There is flooding all over. Thank goodness we are high and dry. I hope everyone had a wonderful day today. I know I really enjoyed my day, sewing and watching movies all day! :)

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