Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Da Birds and Da Bees

As I struggle with life lessons these days, I finally did get a little fabric therapy done in between working way too many days in a row. Even though yesterday's work was only an hour, it still was the sixth day in a row that I had to be there. I have three more to go before a day off again. BLAH!!!

So I needed fabric therapy. I am almost finished with my birdie pin cushion:
I am not sure if I will do any more embellishing on it. The photos don't do the colors justice at all.

Here are the panels that I will use to make Tommy a Tom N Jerry quilt:

These are Tom's new renfaire pants...made without a pattern!

I finally finished the redo on the sweatshirt that had sleeves that were too short:
I know it doesn't look like much. It will be worn more now though, with its longer sleeves. This was the first time using rib knit fabric. I also feel these projects are great learning projects as I do more clothing sewing.

Here is my next project that I am doing without a pattern. I am guessing my way through a lot of this stuff. I find it very freeing though, to NOT have a paper tissue pattern to be forced to work with!

Hopefully by summer, this will be a cool comfortable linen summer shift for me!
I have dozens of projects in the wings. I never did figure out how to jazz up my new purse yet. I have the wedding ring quilt still laying by the Juki, all cut and ready to piece. I have the fabric and pattern for my daughter's wedding quilt ready to go. I have fabric for jammies for Tom and summer bathrobes for hubby and myself too. Now if I could just find the time! lol

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Linda M. Poole said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE bYour birdie!!! Makes me happy!