Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Orange Beacon

It is a cloudy day and that fits the mood I am in as I continue to struggle with work. I wish there was a defining train of thought or "thing" I could label work issues with. I've gone from liking my job to getting ill when thinking about going to work and losing sleep over it as well. I am going to have to quit I guess. It can't be healthy for me to continue on this way!

Ok, dramatics are over and now on with my creative prompt doodles. Last week the word was Orange. I did the obvious in drawing oranges to make the word orange. The lemon is in there because oranges are in the citrus family. The grapes are a fruit, like oranges are a fruit...and I have been eating them a lot lately. :) The pumpkin pie is orange colored and we had one for Easter dinner. So this isn't very dramatic or enlightening, but it is orange!

This week's word is Beacon. The obvious thought is a lighthouse beacon. I did a flashlight beacon and added a beacon to the word beacon at the bottom of the drawing. Does anyone want to venture why there are two strips of bacon in this drawing? Oh, and the book is to depict mystery books that often have a detective with a flashlight pictured on the cover. I just started reading Terri Thayer's book "Stamped Out" as our library hasn't gotten her new book in, "Ocean Waves." Ocean Waves" is the third in a series she's done. I like her books as they take me back to northern California and a quilting mentality I can relate to.
But I digress. In the studio yesterday I made new lacy green curtains for the kitchen. I love how they turned out! I also started sewing the strips together for the wedding ring quilt. Sorry there are no photos of either project though.

Now I need to get ready to drag myself to work. BLAH!!! This just isn't like me to hate doing something so much!!! Sorry dear readers, for venting about non-creative stuff today. Have a terrific weekend and do some quilting for me!!!

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Jaye said...

I should never ever look at the other artists works until I do my own. You are thinking along the same lines as me in terms of beacon. You just got to it faster!

RE: work: call the company's EAP. They have to have one.