Sunday, June 14, 2009

Creative Prompt: SUN, HERE TO THERE, & MOON

I went on an impromptu trip last week, so that is why I haven't posted for a few days. I just got back home around two this morning, so I don't have anything to report from the studio. I DID get all three of my creative prompts done since I last posted though.

The first one is SUN:
It is pretty self explanatory. lol

Next we have HERE TO THERE:
I had trouble with this one until I decided to chronicle some of the travels that have been in my life over the past year. We moved from California to Arkansas last year. I remember thinking it took forever to get through Arizona and New Mexico. Though beautiful, there is only so much beauty one can take in, in a day.
I added this past weekend's trip as it was a long one. It takes about ten hours to drive from Little Rock, AR to Austin, TX. The town of Texarkana has the Texas star on it to depict entering into Texas. Dallas was just big and bold. Austin is a rainbow, as it felt so much like California. Sherwood Forest is a new permanent renfaire site that is under construction. We were supposed to perform there but our RV generator broke down and we could not stay in the triple digit heat with pets and instruments. Just south of Tyler, TX is, what looks to be, a HUGE man-made lake. There was an impressive bridge/road across it. Tyler is also where another renfaire is at. We might perform there next year.

Lastly we have MOON:
If I had a dark background I might have done something more moon-like. I didn't want to do a Halloween moon, as I have done many of them in other projects! I was inspired to make this moon when I recalled a very old cartoon-like show that has the moon making a face when a rocket ship lands on it. Thus, the funny moon above. :)

Tomorrow is Monday. On my trip I had some glimmers of inspiration. I hope to find the fabric that I thought of and start a big project...FINALLY! lol Maybe Texas was good for inspiration, eh? :D

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Jaye said...

Fabulous! I can see the development of your doodles.