Monday, June 15, 2009

Glad Tidings

Even though we have lived here a bit over one year, this place still is full of surprises. These gladiolas are blooming in one of the flower beds around one of the oak trees.


Anonymous said...

Birthday flower for August. I like poppies better. Seems around here they don't bloom till summer. Hope we have summer this year. We had 5 dry days this month and it isn't over!

Sherri D said...

Thank you! I didn't know that. :) Also, we've had plenty of rain and now it is in the 90's and no rain. Welcome to the south! lol

Jaye said...

Great source of inspiration. Have you ever done a drawing with a soft pencil or rolly gel like pen where you only look at the thing you are drawing and NOT the paper. It is a great exercise.