Monday, June 1, 2009

A More Productive Weekend

I was true to myself and did get some fabric therapy done in the studio. I spent 30 minutes cleaning up the horizontal mess I had left over the past few months. Here are a few before shots:
My cutting table is in the foreground and the quilting frame table is in the back to the left. My ironing board is to the right, under the iron. I told you I had used too much horizontal space to plop things on! The gold lumps of fabric are costume pieces that needed attention. I got ALL the costume repaires and adjustments done this weekend!

What a conglomeration! The TV remote is front center, on top of one of Terri Thayer's books. Going clockwise you can see my Gingher scissors on the left, fabric scraps, a gold costume shirt, a magnetic pin cushion, the smaller hexagon project on the ironing board, my jar of quilt basting pins, my iron, and two of my oldest books on quilting. I was looking at those books for inspiration for the old fashioned quilt I want to make to replace the wedding ring quilt project that I dumped.

Here is an after shot. I can see my cutting table and ironing board again! I also loaded the frame with the Christmas countdown calendars to quilt. I don't strive for perfection, but having SOME order is very pleasing in the studio. The greenish project you can see in the upper left is a medallion quilt project I am going to work on soon. I know the next step I want to take but I don't have the fabric for it out yet.

Here is a shot of the progress I made quilting the calendars.
I am using a gold metallic thread and like how this is turning out.

So it has begun, I think, I hope, I plan! I am back in the studio. Having announced to my very understanding family, that I NEED specific studio time each day, I am now being held accountable for USING that time! lol

TODAY'S GOAL: To finish quilting the calendar quilts.

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Jaye said...

Why don't you think about creating a pattern for those Christmas calendars? I see that the fabric looks like a panel, but you could make a pattern without the panel using applique'.