Monday, June 8, 2009

Pillow Talk

I want to thank those who visit and leave their comments on my blog! I DO read each and every one of them. I appreciate them an awful lot! Thank you!!!

I have been pushing myself in the studio a bit. If I cannot get inspired to do an actual existing project that needs doing, I make up new ones. :) I had leftovers from the Summer Pickle Mystery Quilt-2008. There was one full block that was about 12" I think? I also had several triangle blocks. I made the piping from a hunk of cotton rope I had laying around in the studio and a length of pre-made quilters' binding in an odd color...also laying around the studio.
Above is the side with the triangle blocks joined together.

And here is the full size block that made up the quilt.

Jaye has had pillows on the brain lately too. She is the one I share the Creative Prompt Project with the most. She has two prompts that are haunting my thoughts this week..."Sun" and "Here to There." This pillow is all her fault for being in existence. Now I have it to put on my bed since it matches the quilt that is on it.

I love how piping looks on a pillow. I always have struggled with making pillows though! First just getting it stuffed right has given me issues...I either over or under stuff them. Next is how to attach the I squish it in between both front and back layers in one step or sew it down on one side first and then the other? Lastly how do I finish the piping?...overlap and sew together, fit one inside the other end or what?

Jaye suggested I look in a current magazine for the answers. Of course I didn't do that as I am too cheapo these days and won't buy a magazine. I just muddled ahead and made this pillow that isn't even a part of the UFO list. :) I HAVE looked online for answers...but I guess I have not looked hard enough. lol

Thank you Jaye, for the pillow inspiration. I have it out of my system now so I can go back to other projects...or maybe another new one!

I went to a quilt guild meeting this morning in hopes of being inspired. It was the first time I have reached out since we've moved to Arkansas. They are a very talented group and their applique works are outstanding! Linda is supposed to come to this guild in October and I hope to meet her then.

I am thinking about giving classes in my home here. The local quilt shop recently closed and there is a void out there for teachers and classes in our area. I mostly hesitate because I am in awe of the beautiful work these ladies can do. What do I have to teach them? Beginners yes, but it is the experienced ones that want classes. I shall give this more thought.

Today's Goal: Work in sketchbook, maybe sew on summer dress...

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