Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Staying on Course

I didn't get these black borders done yesterday but I did finish them before noon today. This is the House Medallion Quilt that started as a round robin with my friend Snap. I made the Dresden Plate center and she added the black, green, and white calico border. She sent it back to me with extra fabric. I added the next green and white border and just did the narrow black one this morning. I also appliqued the vines and buds around the plate a few months ago. I have enough fabric to make another border of the green with white blocks OR I can go a different direction with other blocks around what is done so far. I have not decided yet.

Here are the two Christmas calendars. They've been pre-washed and pressed and are ready for selling or gifting. Each number is a pocket for a treat. I did simple stippling with gold metallic thread. One is bound in green binding and the other in red. It was great to use up older pre-made binding as I plan to make my bindings myself in all the future projects I do. I still have a few packages of binding to use up before it is all gone. Though it is easier to use, it also cheapens (in my opinion anyway) the end results...especially if one is doing an art quilt. Again, this is just MY opinion and preference.
Part of what drives me (and drives me crazy at the same time) is all this "stuff" I have in my studio. I want to use it up and move it out. So far I cannot bring myself to throw it out though. I am way too frugal, especially in this current economy. I have these grand thoughts of having a craft sale to sell all my little projects made for selling from this "stuff." Perhaps I will get it together this summer, in time to have a little rummage and craft sale this fall.

I am really paying attention to movies these days. The fantasy ones are especially intriguing. I note the art work in the credits mostly. I am getting the twitches of inspirations in my brain. That feather project I mentioned yesterday is especially close to being tackled...maybe. :)

Below are three projects in one. The finished calendars are there, along with the dress I want to finish before summer. (that gives me about two and a half weeks to go!) The fantasy wall hanging is there too. I almost thought about adding a cave to it today. After studying it though, a cave is not in its future.
I visited my friend Julie's blog today and saw her posting regarding Steam Punk. That led me to a Wikipedia page that had this picture of it:
This got me to thinking of really going wacky with the fantasy quilt and perhaps doing something like this or in the style of Roger Dean. Oh it feels good to be thinking and feeling creatively again!!!

Today's Goal: Draw some ideas in my sketchbook for the fantasy quilt.

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Jaye said...

Love the name Snap. Lots of scope for imagination!

Re: the Dresden Plate: for the next border, think about what makes your heart sing?

Re: stuff in the studio. Check out Quilt Trader's Newsletter. I think it is a Yahoogroup. You can sell quilt stuff. Think about the stuff that is clogging up your life and get rid of it. The rest you can make into gift/sale items and sell on Etsy. Do you have an Etsy shop already?

What are you doing with that dragon fabric? I have some of it also and it is destined to be the back of a quilt for The Child. I should have used it for the back of the Eye Spy.