Monday, August 17, 2009

I CRAVE chocolate in my HOUSE

I struggled with the creative prompt last week. The word was HOUSE. Do I do a drawing of the house we live in? How about the house I have always wished I lived in? (No, those would be way too complex) How about a dog house? A bird's nest? A castle? Finally I decided on a bird house. When I started drawing the house I peeked at another person's creative prompt and ACK!!!, they had drawn a birdhouse too!!!

At first I thought about canning my birdhouse and doing a dog house. I would make a cute doggy face peering out from the opening of the dog house. Then I spied the decorative birdhouse that I have in my studio. It has those vines and berries on it. Then I just got disgusted with the whole thing, drew a few vines and berries on the birdhouse and called it done. This is why the word 'HOUSE' is so small; small like my idea...

This week's word is CRAVE. At the time I saw the word, I was craving chocolate. My favorite type is peanut M&M's. I used the cover of a small bag of them to create this creative prompt:
Over the weekend I did a few hours of hand sewing on the hexagon quilt and a little work on the U is for Unicorn quilt. I plan/hope to have some updated photos of the latter one later today or tomorrow.

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