Thursday, October 8, 2009

Creative Prompt: SUMMER (and PURPLE)

Jaye threw a fast ball or was it a curve ball? Either way, she added an extra CCP word this week. I am only just now catching up with 'past due' ones. So I am going to be one of those who fudged this prompt. At least I HOPE I am not the ONLY one! lol

The word last Friday was SUMMER. On Monday Jaye threw in the challenge word PURPLE. I was going to do a sun, then a swing set, then a swimmer, for summer. This morning when I sat down to actually work on these, I decided a purple butterfly would do just fine. :) I could kill two words with one pen!
There he is, waving "hi" to Jaye!

Of course I have to do my Post Spooky too:
Isn't she just the most elegant thing? lol


Quilt Rat said...

:-) That purple butterfly is he wearing mittens?
You are a clever and efficient gal.

Sherri D said...

Not only wearing mittens, but waving at Jaye too! lol