Friday, October 9, 2009

Little Things

This is a preview of the next border I am going to put on the House Medallion quilt:
The 'fan blades' are not sewn together yet, and I have more colors to use, other than what is shown. I like this quilt! I don't know how big it will end up because I am designing it as I go along!

This week's CCP is FEATHER. I made a red feather and surrounded it with a FMQ feather design. That is a continuous design all around the edge. Someday I hope to get this technique down pat and use it in quilting an actual quilt!
I started quilting the dragon quilt today too. The blasted thread kept breaking on me though. Grrrr, I hate when that happens!!! At least it was only the boy's hair that I used that thread on. Since then, I've gone on to work on his shirt with a different thread. That one hasn't broken yet, so I now know that the thread was the culprit all along!

For my POST SPOOKY today, the Gothy Doll face is probably done. I still am thinking about styling her hair differently though. I will put black fingernail 'polish' on her fingers and make a costume for her as well, before calling her done.


Blue said...

Was your house part of a FGM RR? I really like the colors.

Spooky is really spooky. How about some spiked wild out hair?


Jaye said...

Fabulous feathers! I find that if I draw the design I want to quilt over and over, then it gets into my muscle memory.

Sherri D said...

Blue, it might have been. Snap and I did a private RR as we couldn't commit to the time frame FGM had.

Jaye, thanks, that is why I did that. I hope you saw the other CCP's too. I don't know why your blog stopped liking me! lol

Quilt Rat said...

Love that red feather! Ya I have done a quilting feather as well....just have not posted it yet, I think I might stitch it out first.
Your Goth doll looks fabulous!

Sherri D said...

Thanks Quilt Rat! Now I need to find a spiked collar for the doll head. :D

Laume said...

Your goth doll is fabulous!

Sherri D said...

Laume, this was a Bratz doll that I am painting over. Thanks for the nice comments!