Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slave Driver

Lady Lego hasn't been around much. She must have been off on some exotic trip to some far away land. She showed up this morning though, here in the studio! She glared at me until I turned on the Juki and did some quilting. She is my Post Spooky for today too. Trust me, she can be quite scary!!!

Using a variegated blue thread, I have been working on the dragon's face:
I did the boy's shirt in gold thread and his hair in a brown variegated thread. If you click on the photo you can see detailing in a bigger photo:
The pants have red thread work:
I tried to quilt this in a manner to use the direction of the thread to enhance this project. I don't mean to sound full of myself, but I am quite pleased with how this piece is coming together! :)

I still have the belt to do. as well as the darker parts of the dragon's face.
I had best get back to it. Lady Lego can be quite a slave driver when she is in one of her moods!


Anonymous said...

Sherri, your dragon quilt is really looks better every time. Your pinned pictures make me think I just don't pin mine enough to really stabilize my quilts! Thanks to you I've learned something new. Big Hug, Blue

Sherri D said...

Thanks Blue. Though it IS a pain to have so many pins, the end results seem to be worth it. On a big quilt that is more traditional, I don't pin QUITE as densely. Also, this quilt has poly batting and slips a LOT more than cotton batting. I don't pin cotton batting as much as I do poly.
Thank you for your kind comments! hugs, Sherri