Wednesday, November 11, 2009

250 Posts! Let's CELEBRATE!!!

I haven't posted because it took a while to get things ready for this posting! This is my 250th posting on this blog! I am celebrating with a little give-a-way for you! I have the last issue of 'Quilter's Home' magazine with Mark Lipinski's picture on the cover. (Oct./Nov.)This is a duplicate issue I had and is in pristine condition.
Along with it, are three holiday fat quarters. Added to this will be some tiny home-made ornaments for your tree! To enter, just leave a comment on this blog entry. For TWO chances to win, mention my contest on your blog and let me know you did.
I will draw a winning name on December 1st.
Be sure I can contact you through your comment posting so I can get your address.

In other news, I have the fan border attached to the House Medallion quilt. I didn't get them done perfectly, but this quilt was one that I was practicing different techniques on anyway.

Next I put on the last round of borders on the quilt. All the fan blade tips have been appliqued down. Next I will be appliqueing flowers in each of the four corners to round out the quilt. For an everyday-type quilt, this one sure taught me a lot! My applique skills from the center blades compared to the outer blades are like night and day in quality!!!

I went to the local guild meeting on Monday. I left with five charity quilts to quilt for them AND I somehow am now the membership leader. lol Nothing like going into something full blast, eh? lol
Here are two of the quilts on my frame:
A closer look here:
I am doing a meandering star pattern on four of the quilts because they all have a patriotic theme to them.
I am so happy to have this chance to practice my short arm quilting set-up without all the pressure of doing it for a customer or for a very important quilt of my own. The lady from the guild was just thrilled to have these quilts done in any way that they'd be usable! She's had them sitting around for a year or more, she said.

I have used three bobbins up, this morning, on the charity quilts. I think I will go eat lunch and do some hand work that I always have sitting around. Or perhaps the creative prompt *WISH* from last Friday! Enjoy your day! Happy sewing!!!


Jaye said...

I like the way your fan quilt turned out. Nice work! How great of you to offer to quilt the tops for your guild.

Anonymous said...

I love quilting stars-used to be my favorite doodle pattern when I was in school, supposed to be listening to the teacher. Pretty work there! And I LOVE the Dresden Plate quilt!

Anonymous said...

Love the way the dresden plate is turning out!!!! It's come a long way!!!

you are becoming quite the pro at the short arm,. Love those stars!!


Blue said...

Hi Sherri, Your fans are so neat. Someday I'll try one. Someday. I'm trying to figure out how to add blogs to my blogs.

Margi said...

WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I didn't even see this til today Sherri! Way kewl give away and I love your fan border, very pretty!

Connie said...

Loving your fan quilts. Reminds me of a quilt grandma had on her extra bed that I always slept in while visiting.

Ellen Hurteau said...

I really love the fan quilt. I have always wanted to do one. I started a stack and whack fan quilt...never finished.
You can reach me at

Leslie said...

Nice! Love all the different parts.

Off to mention on my blog

Anonymous said...

I didn't see this until today, either. Love your meandering star pattern on the flags. Very nice.
Kay Simpson

cynthia said...

Leaving comment for your 250th! give away........ really enjoy your blog, i hope to get my blog going as soon as i learn a little more on how!!

Cynthia @

Have a great weekend

MaryC said...

What fun! I am impressed with you having posted 250 blogs! I just started my blog and am struggling to find content for it as I am currently a lazy slug! MaryC

Sherri said...

Woohoo! ELEVEN of you have posted so far. I will keep with the December 1st deadline. Be sure to tell your friends to enter! lol
Thank you everyone!!!

LeslieN said...

At first I thought you might be crazy for volunteering to quilt 5 quilts. But, you are right, the lack of pressure for practicing your skills was a good idea.

Jaye said...

Did you see this post:

Carolyn in Kentucky said...

Congratulations on 250 postings on your blog. I love your fan quilt. What a woman, two quilts at a time on the frame. Sunshine

Anonymous said...

Done, I have posted it on my blog

will try to spread the word around.
Congrats on the that many posting on your blog, heck I am not sure how many postings I have had since I entered blog land!

Great giveaway!
dragon hugs

Kansa said...

Sherry, you inspired me. it took me half an hour, but i found my blog and added your contest to it. your quilt is beautiful and i love reading about your work and life. thank you for being you!


Quilt Rat said...

Congrats on 250 posts and here is to many many more.
talk about getting in under the wire! Mark once actually left a comment on my cool.

Sherri said...

I checked all the blogs and I believe I have 20 entries for the contest! As soon as my son wakes up, I will have him pick the winner! Thank you ALL for participating!!!!