Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I really AM in the studio!!!

The posting after this one will be my 250th posting. I plan to have a give-a-way to celebrate it! I haven't decided if I should or should not include a bag of scraps or not though. What do you think?
Lady Lego was 'helping' me today. She reminded me that I need to clean the lint out of my machine EVERY TIME I change the bobbin!!!

I am attaching the borders to the House Medallion quilt today. It is hard!!! I know I am not doing it right. Of course the fans are not lining up the way they should either. I will take some closeups of my mistakes and you will be able to see what I mean. I am glad this is a utility quilt! I know I should take more care in making it 'right', but I am only experimenting with this pattern. I learn from mistakes and experimentation. Plus I AM the LAZY Quilter!!! :)

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