Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Challenging Start to the New Year

I know it isn't technically 2010 yet, but this is the challenge fabric that arrived today for a contest that ends March 2010. There is no theme. I was dismayed to see what I was given to work with! What a muted bunch of dreary fabric!!! It WILL be quite a challenge to make something spectacular from this. I LIKE challenges though, so in a silly way, I am happy this one will be one of the most challenging pieces I have tried.

Here is the same fabric, laid out. You can see one wall of the studio behind it. There is my Juki on the left. The Hon cabinet with fabric is in the middle and then my computer. The ironing board is butted up against my cutting table and the fabrics are hung on my table frame.
Just a little note, the dark fabric on the right is a deep blue and black, not a solid black. I am not asking for ideas now. I just wanted to show you the start of something. In 48 hours I will order the muslin for the Cathedral Windows quilt so I can start on that.

I am really anxious to get to work on something!!! ANYTHING??? No, not anything as I COULD be working on any one of five dolls that are in various stages of disarray. OR I could start loading the next quilt to be machine quilted or the Hexagon Quilt to be hand quilted. I just don't feel like doing those. I want to be cutting and sewing those Cathedral Windows! lolol


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I actually want to get back into playing with fabric, but don't particularly want to pick up anything I've already worked on. Don't know what I want to do that would be new, either, but I want to do SOMETHING!!

Sherri said...

I SO know what you mean Cheryl! If I am not 'in the mood' to do a project, I just don't do anything!