Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trouble Starting New Projects?

I often have trouble starting a new project. What slows me down? The fear of failure, mostly. I get very disappointed when I try to make something and I think it looks like crap when done! I used to experiment with different techniques, but was using my most unfavored fabrics to do so. I didn't want to 'waste' good fabric!!!

I am starting a 'safe' project with the Cathedral Windows Quilt. I have, more often than not, used scraps when making my big quilts. This time, however, I am planning one. I ordered a higher quality muslin for the white background and will use good quality fabric for the 'windows' of the pattern. Here are the fabrics for the windows that I have so far:

To challenge myself to get out of the rut of not going all out on an artistic quilt, I ordered the fabric pack from Keepsake Quilting for their Bali Challenge 2010. The fabrics arrived Saturday. I showed you a peek of them yesterday. Here are all six fat quarters, up on the design wall now:

The quilt has to be 30" x 30" for this challenge. I took some gridded stabilizer and cut it into a 32" x32" square. It is the light overlay on the FQ's here:
I will use it as my canvas. I think I know I want to do something with a lot of applique for this challenge. I still haven't come up with a final idea though. I see all kinds of pictures in my mind, but nothing that goes on paper. This will be an ongoing process of designing, making, and embellishing. I only have three months to complete it too!


Jodi said...

Hey Sherri This is Jodi from the fairy list, if you get this challenge done, let me know I am only about an hour and a half from Keepsake and will go up and see what your quilt looks like in there. You know they hang them up in the store and I will go have a look at yours.

Sherri said...

Thanks for stopping by Jodi! The contest ends in late March. I finally have the first part of my project figured out too! It has been quite a challenge and struggle for me. GREAT for exercising my mind though! lol