Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ho Ho Ho, to the mall we will go!

I finished the last Christmas gift and mailed it off yesterday. It is an oven mitt for my middle son who just moved out on his own for the first time, EVER. lol I had already made a matching hot pad out of this same wolf fabric too. I hope he likes this stuff!

With all the gifts that were going to be homemade, done and mailed off, I am thinking about new projects! I think I mentioned having these Benartex fabrics? The small squares are just at four inches square. The larger squares are about 8x10 inches.
I have other fabrics that did not come with this packet, but that will go with the bright vibrancy of the whole thing. I have this sampling on the design wall. It makes for great eye candy, don't you think? :)

So today I will head out to the dreaded mall to finish shopping for my husband and son. They get homemade stuff from me all year round, so I will buy them something that is harder for me to make. Perhaps a power tool? Maybe he needs his own sewing machine? That is a type of power tool, isn't it? :D


Jaye said...

I love the way the smaller squares are on top and the larger squares are on the bottom. It gives kind of an impressionistic view of a garden - in my mind anyway.

Sherri said...

I thought spring garden too. I have a LOT more batiks than what are on the design wall though. I would like to incorporate them as well.

There is no rush for me. I like putting fabrics on the wall to just look at as I walk by. The perfect idea will come through!