Sunday, March 7, 2010

Almost Quiltless!

BIG SIGH!!! Or perhaps I should say, "PHEW" because I have finished three quilts this past week! I am taking them to the guild meeting tomorrow. I will take photos of the other two when I get back.
This one below though, is a charity quilt and won't be coming back with me! lol I tried for ages to sell my Snoopy fabrics and no one wanted them. That is why I made some of them into a crib size quilt. I hope the little child that ends up with this, likes it.
This coming week starts off with a bang at the guild. I always get energized and refocused at our guild meetings! I don't know what is next for projects for sure. I always have the U is for Unicorn quilt. As of right now though, I do not have any new quilts planned!

Perhaps I will dig out my "findings" and go for some artsy fartsy stuff? Maybe I will make a doll or cover that art sketchbook I bought on Friday? I could make new costumes for the family in case my husband ever gets a day off on a weekend again, so we could go somewhere! lol Tune in folks, and find out! :D


Jaye said...

The sketchbook cover would be awesome. You could make it and then embellish it with beads and floss as the mood struck - while still using it!

CJ said...

Gasp! Who wouldn't want Snoopy fabric? Or anything with Tigger or Pooh? Heck I made my hubby's bathrobe from Winnie the Pooh fabric :)