Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Little Shopping

It was a big deal for me to give myself permission to splurge and spend $6.50 on a sketchbook! It is just a little one with 5.5" x 8.5" pages. I've already added a second hard cardboard backing to it and plan to embellish this before using it. This embellishing idea is all Jaye's fault. She owes me $6.50 now. :D
I was also able to find the machine needles I've looked for, locally, in several stores. I am going to try that yellow thimble out in hopes that it grabs the needle a bit and makes hand quilting easier. (Rat's fault) Finally those are blending sticks to go along with the sketchbook. I need to get my colored pencils in a container that is friendlier to use than the tin they are in, and I will be all set!
This is the set I have. It looks nice and organized but really it is hard to use. The trays are in a large tin. The trays are stacked upon each other. If you like to sit in a comfy chair like me, it is hard to juggle them without spills! I am always one cat's misstep away from a CATastrophe!

To Jaye and Rat, YES, I have my Creative Prompt done for this week too! I did not cheat though! I added to the prompt from the week before. Now added are two pairs of pears....


Jaye said...

Good for you for getting a new sketchbook! I refuse to take the blame for any of your spending, because I love telling people how to spend their money!

I am also glad you quit smoking. Good for you! Now you will around longer to read my blog!

Jaye said...

Also, thanks for continuing to participate in the CPP. I hope you are seeing progress in your process?