Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Who would think that one little stem of Hyacinthe flowers (on the right) could put out such an overpowering scent in my studio??? I LOVE it!!! I can't buy this type of air freshener in the stores! Spring has sprung in my neighborhood, in full force! Following are a few photos of the flowers in my back yard today:
Red Bud Tree

Red Flower Bush

Smaller than a penny (probably a weed)

Yellow Flower Bush
I have been doing a lot of hand sewing of late. There is no real progress to take photos of just yet. I also am working on a huge printing job for the guild. It is almost done though! I am thinking about doing a floral table runner for a May contest at the guild. So far though, I am JUST thinking about it.


Blue said...

White flower could be a 'star of bethlehem'. I always liked them. Miss the forsythia bushes from where I lived before. Always speak 'spring'.

Jaye said...

Love your photos of the Red Flower Bush!