Saturday, March 20, 2010

CPP: Quiet and Steam, and a few studio shots...

My design wall shows a lot of work that is 'in progress' as I often try different layout ideas there. Of course fellow guild members will see clues and hints of upcoming blocks of the month there too!
I try to design my own blocks from scratch and sometimes go through a lot of trial and error. I am always mindful of copyright infringements when making these blocks. Even though we all recognize the same block designs over and over again, I feel it is just wrong to blatantly take someone else's block design and instructions...unless of course I ask them first!

I think I have decided to go with this pattern layout for the Cathedral Windows quilt:

Finally today, it is my Creative Prompt Project picture. I am going a new route with my ideas. I am going to see how many CPP words I can combine in one picture! I have two, so far, on the drawing below. The two words this depicts are QUIET and STEAM:

I plan to try to incorporate new words into the same picture until I just can't do it anymore! I like this idea a lot.
Spring is coming in today with promises of rain and storms. The flowers and some shrubs are starting their riots of colors! Maybe I will take a few pictures of them for next time!

Now go create something and enjoy your weekend!


Jaye said...

Love the idea of changing up your responses. Great idea!

Jaye said...

OH! I also like design wall shots. They aren't always pretty (WIPs aren't always pretty and I mean everyone NOT yours, specifically), but are so informative about what people are working on. My design wall still has the Tarts on it. Very boring at the moment. I may add some on to it today just to change things up.

Quilt Rat said...

These responses are terrific. I LOVE the new direction you have decided to should be most interesting to watch the evolution!!