Monday, March 15, 2010

Nuttin' Really

Over the weekend I did get two flannel bathrobes cut out and started to sew them. I've been meaning to do these for TWO summers!!! We needed lighter weighted ones for summertime wearing. I purchased the flannel over two years ago. It was time to get this project out of the way! I was going to finish them today but hurt my rotator cuff last night and my shoulder is too sore to sew with.

I decided to just take a few random shots from around my studio. Here is what the two design walls have on can't see the one on the right very well though.

Do you recall I said I might take a break from quilts and do some artsy fartsy stuff? This 'thing' magically appeared on my cutting table today:
I am not saying why or what for just yet. I want to keep you in suspense. :)

At 4pm today it was 70° and sunny outside my studio window:

If I WERE to make a quilt, this fabric might be in it:
This would be a froo-froo quilt, just for ME!


Blue said...

Neat colors for a froo-froo quilt for you.

You are going to bead the 'thing'... right? ;) Hope your arm is better soon... that hurts for sure. Hugs

Jaye said...

Love the photo outside your window. So much different than the snowy one.