Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Nice and Quiet

It is 5:30pm and the sun is shining. The windows are open all over the house this afternoon. It smells SO good!

It was nice to get the mail today...no bills...but.......
Nothing like getting a new magazine in the mail.

And look! It is pre-wrinkled for me!!!

Later this afternoon, I was sitting at the computer and turned around to look at the messy studio. It is messy because I brought back stuff from the guild and just haven't cleaned it up yet. I noted that right now, my studio is very colorful!
There are two projects on the back design walls that are bright and cheery! Though the sun washed the color in the foreground, there are two wee quilts there that are pretty shades of blue and lavender.
And look here! The spools of thread on the wall and the bright little quilt by the machine. Oh the photos just don't do this all justice! The sun is shining in on this area too.

Maybe this picture shows the colors a little better.
What a nice relaxing day!

1 comment:

Jaye said...

You have such a nice big studio. Love the Cathedral windows layout.