Saturday, May 1, 2010

Creative Prompt: Arches

It is a love/hate thing when I get the CPP word done so fast. I love that the idea came to my head and onto paper so easy. I hate that I have a whole week to wait now, before the next word is posted!

This week's word was ARCHES. I did not do the "Golden Arches" as that would have been too cheesy and my mouse would get too fat. :)
There are several arches in my drawing. The mouse hole is one. I embellished it with stones. The stand has arched legs on it and a statue of a foot with an arch. I suppose one could say the flower has an arch but to me it is more of an arc, so I didn't count that one.

In other news, I made a skirt out of old kitchen drapes and am wearing it right now. I love it! lol I am off to finish sewing the blocks together for the guild challenge quilt that is due on the 10th. I hope my last minute fabric comes in today's mail so I can get the borders on tomorrow and load this puppy onto the big frame to quilt it.

LOTS of storms last night and tornadoes all over the state, especially in our area. We never lost power though, nor did we have to go to the storm shelter. I am very grateful for that!

Ok, everyone, go sew and create something!


Jaye said...

Your picture is really turning out GREAT. I love the recent additions. The arch over the mouse hole looks like you embellished the drawing. Thanks for participating.

Start a new one so you have two going. Really great idea to continue on one drawing for the process. I love it.

Sherri said...

Yes, I added the arched embellishment over the mouse hole for this CPP word.

I can't split my brain up any more than it already is. One page is enough for now. :)

Quilt Rat said...

Awesome.....lots of "arches" I just love to see what you will add next