Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where Were YOU at 10am?

I only saw a brief glimpse of this idea on Jaye's blog. She said something about everyone was supposed to take a photograph at the same time this morning? I was a little late because I got caught up on searching for the best deal on EQ7. So, if I had taken the photo at exactly 10am Central time, it would have looked like this:
I sent the seller a "Best Offer" to see if I could get her EQ7 for the price another eBay-er has theirs at. The difference was that this seller only requires 25% down, whereas the other seller wants all the money up front. EQ7 doesn't even ship till June. I didn't relish the thought of my money being with anyone that long. lol

Since I had the camera out, I thought I would take a couple studio shots. It almost looks like a flower garden exploded in here!

In the photo below, you can see an almost finished quilt top bundled up on the chair there. I am waiting for some border fabric to come in from eQuilter, and also am working on the backing. The backing will have to be pieced! YIKES! I hate putting two big chunks of fabric together with ONE seam! This will be putting multiple squares of fabric together for the backing! There is a LOT more room for error.

Finally, we have a window shot that was taken around 10:20am. We have had two days of very stormy weather here in Central Arkansas. Lots of tornadoes and hail and wind and rain and sleepless nights!
It all looks so innocent and quiet and sunny out there this morning! I was shocked that we didn't lose some big limbs from the oak trees! The wind was quite vibrant at times! Thankfully though, we are just fine.

Today I plan to cut and sew together the back for this quilt and may even mount it on the quilting frame. Once the fabric comes in, I need to wash it, cut it into border strips and sew that to the top. Then it will be ready for quilting! I already have the batting draped on the frame to let it relax out the wrinkles.

This is the MOST I have EVER planned a quilt for measurements, layouts, size, and fabric choices! I have done SO many scrappy quilts and quilts that had fabric that was just 'ok' but not perfect. This one has me very excited about how pretty it is! And let me tell you, I am VERY concerned about the quilting of it! I cannot have loopies and messy quilting on this one. There is a lot of open spaces that would show mistakes. I really don't want to muck this up!

Okay everyone, time to go and sew and create something pretty today! Bye for now! :)


Jaye said...

Kathy at Finishing Lines gave me permission to quilt slowly. No more pedal to the metal for me! Perhaps that will help with your tension?

Sherri said...

I will remember that! I need to go slow if I can with my machine! Thanks Jaye. :) I really want this one to turn out good in every way!