Monday, May 10, 2010


I had a small epiphany over the past 48 hours. I make (bed) quilts for the simplicity of it. I make them because they are practical too. I do not have, nor do I really desire to have, the discipline it would take to machine quilt (in a beautiful manner) something big.

I am much better at working on art type quilts...wall hangings if you will. For some reason, the quilting I do on those is much much better. It is probably the size.

I DO like hand quilting each night, while watching TV. It is my "knitting" and is relaxing. Since I currently have two large hand projects going, I don't NEED to worry about making large, practical, bed quilts.

So...rambling on here...I think I am going to go a different direction for the rest of this year. I am going to make art quilts and dolls and maybe an art journal with 'stuff' in it and pickled people and work on that big tree project.



Marcie said...

Do what you love. And do what challenges you to do better.

Jaye said...

Good for you! Go for it and see what happens. If it doesn't work out, though I am sure it will, change direction!