Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to ME!

I have the best kids. ALL three adult kids got in touch with me today. It was odd because within minutes of each other, they all called or text messaged me. lol
I also got a card and flowers from my daughter yesterday:
Oh and I even had breakfast made for me by my sweet husband. He is such a good guy! He also bought me two new rose bushes for the fence line. I get to add another red rose bush and a white rose bush. I already have a pink one and a different shade of a red one from last year's Mother's Day. He also pre-ordered the EQ7 Upgrade:
...and this computer game that the newest series in the Ravenhearst line of games:
Tommy made me a pretty purple paper heart and is buying me pizza for supper. (His dad had to work tonight) I feel so special to have such a great family that loves me and spoils me so much! :)

In other news, I just tossed the quilt in the washing machine. I started this on April 26th as a last minute, hair-brained idea to make a challenge quilt for tomorrow's quilt guild meeting! I just finished the binding today. I started sewing the binding at 8am this morning and finished it at 5pm. It is a queen/king size quilt. There are lots of pansies on it. The backing was pieced as well, with 30 blocks!

I had lots of help though. eQuilter's customer service helped me find that light green fabric from a scan I sent them. They shipped it very fast to me and I was so pleased to see how well it matched my fabric! Then the cats helped me load the quilt on the frame:
They made sure I rolled it up the correct way:
I did three styles of quilting on it. I did a vine/leaf pattern in the purple, a variation of a swirl in the green and on the flowers I did a large simple stipple.
To spend the day sewing was great!

Top of the "BBQ'd Pansies" Quilt:
Back of the "BBQ'd Pansies" Quilt:

I hope all you who are moms out there have a great day too! hugs :)


Jaye said...

Best wishes for a wonderful Mother's Day.

Good work on the quilt! You really got down to business and got it done!

Sherri said...

Thank you Jaye! Now, on to that challenge quilt soon, eh? :D

Happiest Mom's Day to you too for both you and your Mom! :)

Dreamspinner Cheryl said...

You deserved a nice Mother's Day! And, love the pansy quilt-you must have been stitching with a hot needle to get finished that fast! Good going!

Sherri said...

Thank you Cheryl! It was a fast and fun challenge.