Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bag It!

My friend Jaye makes pillows for her child's teachers each year. I had planned to make a pillow for Tom's teacher this year too. (Last year we gave a nice gift, but it wasn't homemade)
Anyway, I recalled I had this paperclip fabric in two colorways. I had been saving it to make a quilt for my son as he works in an office environment. I think I have been saving it for several years now. I think using paperclip fabric for a teacher is a good idea too.

I figured I would make a pillow with this fabric and that it would turn out spectacular! I figured this, that is, until I saw this pattern in a magazine. "Elegant Bag" by Julia Camilleri was in this month's Down Under Quilt magazine. (free online subscription) I usually make bags in the most simplest forms. Most are without linings and made from fabrics like canvas. There is no quilting involved.

This bag caught my eye though:
I still have to sew the button on, but I really REALLY like how this turned out.
Jaye makes a lot of bags too. She always critiques the patterns and talks about what she might change or had changed in the making of her bags.
I did add a divider in the middle of my bag. If I were to change anything else, I would have made the straps out of sturdier material. The directions were pretty good. I was only tripped up on when to cut out the lining. I thought I cut it with the cutting of the outer bag, but it is done at a much later stage. It was MY fault though, for not reading the instructions more carefully.

I don't know if I would make this bag again. It is a bit time consuming. But then it is more elaborate because it takes more steps. I spent two days on this from beginning to end. It was difficult because I had to make the pattern myself. I could not figure out how to print it to size from the magazine.

I also started piecing the U is for Unicorn quilt together. With the holiday behind me and summer vacation in front of me, I feel the need to line up summer projects. I've started a few, but nothing has gone beyond the planning stages. I think I will push to finish the U is for Unicorn quilt this summer. That and design a challenge quilt/wall hanging and start working on that.

It is hot out. I have lots to do to keep me indoors and in air conditioned air! Happy sewing everyone!!!


Jaye said...

Well done! I am sure the teacher will like this bag! One reason I make the same bag patterns over and over is because I want to understand the pattern better. It just doesn't happen with one bag. If you like the bag, try it again. Bags make great gifts.

Sherri said...

I might try it again. It was hard to do without a pattern for the sizing. However, now that one HAS been done, the next one would be even better. :)

I rent a booth at a consignment shop. I thought perhaps bags might go over well there. I would have to work up my own design though.

Thanks for stopping by on a non-CPP posting! :D