Thursday, June 3, 2010

Melting down...

It is in the 90's again today. I am happy the AC still works well! I've spent time in the studio, in between mundane house chores.

The teacher's bag is finished. I have a label on the inside that has a little note on it for Tom's teacher. I hope she likes it!

I went to the dentist today for a routine cleaning. It's been several years since I could do that because we haven't had insurance until recently. Though it feels good to have extra clean teeth, my mouth is sore. That might be why I am in a pouty mood today.

I tried working on the U is for Unicorn quilt. I have a few accent blocks to do before I can join ALL the blocks together. I started this one:
It measures 6" x 15" and will take a while to get done. I had to rip out stitching SIX times on the yellow flowers, because the machine wasn't working right. I got mad about it and walked away from the studio. For some reason this led to a crying jag where I swore I was going to sell off everything and turn the studio into a living room, like it was intended to be. I left to get my son at school and when we got back, I went back in and tried again. This time it worked. Of course I had to push it and start the blue flowers too. Once I got this far, I quit, on a positive note. The studio is now safe for another day. :)

It isn't much, but the first two blocks, one accent strip, and two sashing strips are now all sewn together. This was done a few days ago, and is step one in piecing the quilt top together.
The Mr. is working way too many hours. He will work4PM till midnight Friday, then go back in at 8AM till 8PM Saturday, then back in at 4PM-midnight on Sunday. We hope he only has to work the 4PM-midnight on Monday and that he still gets Tuesday off. He works six days a week, with only Tuesdays off. It makes it nearly impossible to go anywhere or plan for anything.

OK, sorry about that...little pity party here! lol I am happy he has a job, that in spite of long hours, he mostly likes the work he is doing. We are doing much better than so many other folks are! We are truly blessed. I hope you are feeling blessed today too. :)

Happy Sewing!


Carolyn in Kentucky said...

You have amazing strength to have tried 6 times, I imagine I would have done it by hand, but the yellow flowers turned out great. I love the handbag for the teacher. I saw that pattern online and really liked it, but I could not figure out how to get the pattern. Tom's teacher will love the bag. Sunshine

Dreamspinner Cheryl said...

Those blocks are just amazing! You have SO much more patience than I do-gorgeous work!! Love the bag, too, especially the flared top. Cute use for the paper clip fabric. You're an inspiration, girl!!