Sunday, June 6, 2010

Creative Prompt: Salmon (#70) AND MORE!

I came quite close to using that big space in the middle of my drawing to end this page of Creative Prompts. As you can see, I didn't:
I also embellished more on the rest of the picture, adding more shading and the outline of the door.

Here is a closeup of this week's prompt:
It has been a tough week here. I don't have the excuse of PMS anymore, but I sure felt like that was going on!!! I don't even have the excuse of suffering in the heat! I stay indoors, with the AC keeping it a steady 73° in the studio. So it was a pleasant surprise, and mood lifter, to get this in the mail:
My friend Jaye, who I mention a lot on my blog, sent me this pencil roll! It is made from upholstery weight fabric. I love the fuzzy trims she used to embellish it! I wonder if she knew she included three pencils? I put my watercolor pencils in this for now, but I think I am going to see if my felt tip markers fit in it. I am forever digging through a pencil bag, trying to find the right felt tip marker to use for my CPP drawings! THANK YOU JAYE!!!! You're such a sweetie. :)

Other projects that are laying around the studio, waiting for my attention are things like this red, white, and blue flower fabric:
I picked this up from a 'free pile' at a rummage sale. It is heavy curtain/drapery fabric. It was probably a valance as it is long and narrow. I plan to turn it into several place mats. I want to finish it by the forth of July so I can set the table in a more festive fashion!

I found five buttons to sew on this vest for $1.76. You may not realize that buttons often cost close to a dollar EACH! These were in the tiny section of Walmart and each card of three buttons was only 88¢.
You might notice the upside down dragon there. It was stretching its wings. :)

My new EQ7 Upgrade came this week too!

Last, but not least, we have the saga of the accent block for the U is for Unicorn quilt. I ended up and ripped out a bunch of satin stitching. If I can't redo the part I was struggling with, I plan to toss this block and start it from scratch! It lays in wait, next to the Pfaff machine peeking in here on the right.
Today is Sunday. The Mr. just finished a grueling two days of work and goes back in later today. At least he got some rest last night and this morning. For once the phone, the kid, the weather, the doorbell, the dogs, and the cats, did not disturb our sleep. We made it all the way to 7:30AM without interruption! I have a few groceries to get in a little while, before today's heat wave hits again. I plan to sew the rest of the day.

Tomorrow is the awards assembly for our son and Tuesday is the last day of school. This means the child will be manipulating me for the use of my computer a lot more. This might be a good thing though! I spend too much time here anyway. :)

Happy Sewing Everyone!!!


Jaye said...

Another GREAT job on the CPP! Love the special of the day!

Yes, I know I left the pencils in it. I don't feel good about sending a pencil roll without anything in it! I'll have go raiding The Child's school supplies drawer if I make many more of these!

Love the idea of placemats. I use a table cloth, but have been working on making holiday napkins that we use during the month of that holiday. I am not nearly done with all of them and at some point have to make about 30 Thanksgiving napkins. Slowly I am working my way through them. It is a great way to use some of the fun conversationals out there!

Quilt Rat said...

Special of the day......PERFECT!!!