Saturday, July 10, 2010

She's still playin' music

I am so happy my muse is still here! I finished the basket block. I cannot imagine doing a big bunch of these for a bed sized quilt!!! I might enter the drawing for them this time. I usually do not enter to win the blocks. I also swapped the white and red flowers from the original layout to make the white one stand out more.

I finished the disappearing 9-patch blocks too:
I need to work with the math on these if I do them again. I wanted to have them finish at 12.5" but they finished much larger. I ended up trimming them down about a half inch all the way around. At least my points matched up. :)

I hemmed the new curtains for the master bathroom today too. I am not sure if I will do any more machine sewing today, but I DO plan to work on the Cathedral Window quilt a tad. I also have my idea for this week's creative prompt, "violet" in my head. I need to get that in the sketchbook before I forget it!

As always,
Quilt On, Piece Out

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Jaye said...

Love the disappearing 9 patch block. I think you are a miracle worker to have cut off half and inch all the way around and still gotten something that looks normal out the process! Nice work!