Monday, August 30, 2010

Sew What?

I think I sewed for most of the day today. Too bad it wasn't quilting that was worked on! Tomorrow I need to go pay rent for my booth space and remembered that I didn't really have anything new to put on the shelves. I fixed that problem today.

I made a pillowcase that any pirate would be happy to have:
It was kinda tricky taking photos. My design wall is too full to put them up for good photography results. I had just enough of the skull and sword fabric for the body, some left over silky blanket edging, and the black and white diamonds for the cuff. I think it looks spiffy!

From the larger scraps, I made four travel packs for tissues:
And this treat bag:
And that treat bag:

I also took a little time out to work on the layout for the Disappearing Halloween quilt:
I think I almost have it worked out! I keep forgetting to say why I named it 'Disappearing Halloween'. Part of it has to do with the block design and part of it has to do with wanting to learn how to spell disappearing without spell checker telling me I used two 'S's again!!!

Now go sew something


Jaye said...

I have been trying to find good fabric for teenage boys for Pillowcases. You did a nice job with the pirate fabric. Good idea.

Sherri said...

Since I have a boy too, and two grown boys, I TOTALLY get what you mean! I am curious to see if this one sells here. If it does, I have more fabrics to make more boy pillow cases! lol As always, thanks Jaye!