Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer's Ending

I am really back in the swing of things in the studio! It feels great. Here is a shot of my two design walls, taken yesterday:

I've been listening to a pod-cast lately. Sandy is easy to listen to! She is pretty new to pod-casting, but has a style that I enjoy. She talked about scraps in one of her earlier shows. It made me think of one of the things I do with my scraps.
I sew them together! If it is a particular material that I like, I just can't stand to toss all the bits and ends away. I sew them together to make my own unique material!
I have a pile of scraps next to my machine and will begin or end other sewing with these. When I have enough made to make a quilt from, I will make my "Insanity Times Two" quilt.

I have cut all these nine-patch blocks into sets of four:
Now I begin to lay them out in a pattern:
The materials are all from my Halloween stash. This quilt is called "Disappearing Halloween" and is for a challenge quilt.

I have company here today, so no sewing. I don't mind though, as it is my daughter and her husband. It's been a year since I have seen her and two years since they had been to our home. It was fun showing them all the changes we've made. :)

Tomorrow I hope to be back in the studio with a vengeance, as the child is back in school and the Mister is sleeping. (he works nights) I can hardly wait!

The heat we've suffered through for over a month is finally breaking and they say that autumn will be in the air soon. I LOVE IT!!!

Now go sew something!!!

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