Saturday, August 21, 2010


What fun I have had in the studio today! I ordered some fabric and it arrived yesterday. Since then I have washed it, dried it, ironed it, cut it, and sewn it! I made two pillow cases for my adult daughter that adores Pandas. Her Grandmother gave her Precious Moments dolls when she was little. The fabric is a Precious Moments Panda print!
I didn't have enough fabric to make two matching pillowcases, so I made one with the main part of the case in Panda fabric and the other with the main part from that purple fabric.

The camera always has issues with colors.
Here is what the Panda fabric really looks like:

I am also making up next month's Block of the Month for our quilt guild:
I am going to make it optional to make these into Jack-o-lanterns or to just leave them as pumpkins.

My wonderful neighbor gifted us with a bunch of sweet potato vines! They are the ornamental plant, not the actual potato plant. We put some outside and some inside to root. It makes a great ground cover!

I have the first step of the Disappearing Halloween quilt blocks, sewn together, pressed and squared up. Next I cut them in half, twice, and sew them back together again!
Unfortunately, I need to do a little housework now. I hate how the outside world infringes on my studio world!

For everyone else, GO SEW SOMETHING!


Jaye said...

Great pillowcases!! How did you like the pattern? I like the idea of using the main fabric as the cuff for a second pillowcase. I can't wait to hear what your daughter thinks.

Nice work!

Sherri said...

Thanks Jaye! I liked the pattern you provided from your blog, better than a similar one I had used last year. I need to be better about linking stuff on my blog!!!