Friday, September 24, 2010

Plans of Mice and (wo)Men!

I kept trying to get something done in the studio all week. It seems like this week flew by though, with very little done! I did get the Disappearing Halloween quilt almost loaded in the frame for quilting:
I am working on the guild newsletter too. This means I am working on sample blocks for our Block-of-the-Month, which will be those Maple leaves on the design wall:
The Unicorn quilt is back on the design wall too. I haven't sewn any on that one since about early August I think.

Getting the quilt on the frame table means I have to put stuff somewhere. I tend to pile things on the frame table. Now my cutting table is full of STUFF!
I see the two skirts I want to modify, the bag I want to repair, the pillow I want to fix, papers to be filed or tossed, and my hair brush! (I keep losing it on that table!)

Hey! This corner looks pretty neat! That is the cabinet that the Juki is on. Those bolts of white fabric are for the Cathedral Window quilt. On top of that is a partial bolt of leaf fabric and a package of Bali strips for my next quilt. Just to the left of the Juki you can see some of the fabric bits that I am constantly sewing into more fabric.

Here is the pile of bits to the right of the little Pfaff. Some of that is waiting to be put away in the scrap bins and some will be sewn together to make more fabric, like I did on the Juki.

Here is the little Pfaff with a small wall hanging near it. That is almost quilted and ready to be completed. It is a Christmas gift for someone, so I don't want to show or say more about it just now. :)

Back at the cutting table we see the empty box that the printer ink came in, the bag with my guild stuff in it, the black and white fabric that is part of a special bag I am making, two charger cords for dead phones and bluetooth's, and other piles!

Here is a shot out my studio window. It is so dry here that when The Mister mows the yard, he is in a huge cloud of dust...somewhat looking like Pig-Pen in the Charlie Brown cartoons.

There is still beauty in my front flower bed though. This is a red nakid' lady flower in the center and our son's cabbage plant to the left:
A close-up shot of the flower:
Another view:
And Tom's cabbage plant:
Today I hope to finish up the newsletter, write a letter to the corporate headquarters of Dodge about this dealership that did me wrong, and finish setting up the quilt on the frame.

At least that is the 'plan' for the day. We shall see what actually happens though!

Now go sew something!!!

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