Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reporting in

At the little quilt show I mentioned that I bought some fabric. One of those fabrics was a cute froggy print. I have a young adult niece that loves frogs and even though we don't exchange gifts, I had to make something for her from this fabric!

I decided a pillowcase might work for her, as she is in college:
(It is folded in half for this photo)

There was about an eight inch strip leftover from the pillowcase. It was just enough to make a little zippered bag:
The pillowcase will fit inside the bag too! I think she will like this present a lot. I liked that the frogs were cutsie but not baby-ish.

I have made those Christmas blocks into a table runner. I was going to use the white to bind it and thought I had measured it right. I hadn't! This is on hold for a bit.

I finished the autumn table runner. I used fabrics that I didn't care for and to my amazement, this didn't turn out half bad!

This is an old old Christmas print of Winnie the Pooh. There is just enough to make it into a baby blanket. However, I don't have any babies to gift it to! I have it pin basted and ready to quilt.

Finally, here is a shot out the window of my studio.
We are still needing rain.

That's it for now! Go sew something!!!

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