Friday, November 19, 2010

Influential Day

So, I was driving around town today had had quite an interesting time of it all. I started out to only return the work boots I had picked up for The Mr. He needed a different width. I left at 11 and thought I would be home by noon.

I was listening to the latest "Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo" podcast while tootling around. (this comes into play towards the end of my posting today)

The store I had to return the boots to, did not have the right size. They did, however, have some nice shirts on clearance for $5 each! The Mr. is hard on clothes. While in this store, my cell phone rings and I was concerned it might have been my husband who is supposed to be sleeping! It wasn't. It was the Dodge salesman asking me if I had ever found a new car. I was able to tell him that I not only bought a car, but I bought a brand new one, not a used one! I said I never had any problems with him and actually liked him, but that his dealership treated me so badly, that I would never go back there again. I digress. This dealership saga is a story that is too big to go into here. Mostly it was just odd that I had gotten any sort of call on my cell phone. No one calls me on it!!!

Anyway, I left that store and went to a furniture store because it was on the way to the grocery store that I planned to stop at. I am looking for chairs for my dining room. They didn't have anything that was quite right though.

Next I decided, on a whim, to stop at a mega- shoe store. They did have the right styled work boots, in the right size, and they were $5 less than the first store! They also had a buy one pair and get the second half off.

Now mind you, I live in my Crocs all the time; year round. I have a few pairs of dressier shoes and one pair of horrible old hurt-my-feet-so-bad tennis shoes. I ended up and found a pair of women's shoes (I normally have to buy men's shoes to fit me) that came in the wide width I needed, were on sale, looked decent, and were way more expensive than I would normally buy! While trying to decide what to get I heard them announce over the loud speaker that the first customer with a library card who comes up to the front of the store gets a spin on their "Wheel of Fortune."

A clerk was helping me find the right shoes, so I didn't bother to react to that announcement. When they announced it a third time, I told the clerk that I would be back and had to go see about this announcement. I had a library card with me and so spun the wheel and won $2 off my purchase for that day. I ended up and spent only $135 and got the great work boots for The Mr, and also a pair of Sketchers for myself! Now I have NO excuse to not go to the gym to exercise.

My cell phone rings again and this time it is AT&T saying that my home phone has been repaired. I found it so odd to get phone calls twice, while out and about today!
I left the shoe store, very happy with my purchases.

By this time I was pretty tired and it was 1:30 in the afternoon! I never did stop at the grocery store. hahaha

While listening to Mark's broadcast I have been inspired! You may know that I am not adding anymore things to my Creative Prompt Page that I worked on for months. I am about to start a new one. I have three words to get on there too! (Move, Twinkle, and Twist) Mark had a guest on with him, that talked about pictures made with fabric and such. I am seriously thinking that I am going to up the ante on my personal creative prompts and this time, I will add on each word, each week, and I will do it in fabric! I wonder how many words I will be able to get on something like that???

Ok, if you are still with me, you need to get a life!!! I am off to get my son from school and to finish up all this stuff I was going to do before I left the house to "just return some boots" at the store. :)

Now go create something!!!


Jaye said...

What a great post! I love the idea of doing your prompts in fabric. It does remind me of the journal quilts project.

Sherri said...

I was never involved in the journal quilts. I have heard a lot about them though.
I mostly just wanted to ramp up my personal challenges.
Thanks for keeping the CPP fires lit!