Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sharing some tidbits

I am just dropping in for a quick visit. I don't think I took a picture of the latest rag rug I recently finished. It is made from leftover fabrics that used to be curtains and such. My neighbor gave them to me last summer. It made a nice rag rug!

This evening I finished a crocheted hat. The yarn was a small amount leftover from an afghan my Mom made years ago. My gosh, it has been over ten years since Mom has passed! Anyway, this is the first hat I have ever made and I love it! It fits very well and is quite warm. The yarn is soft and bumpy with lots of texture.

Before Jaye nags me about being way behind on my Creative Prompts, I needed to show some progress! Here is the fabric and stabilizer, ready to be cut to size:

I have started cutting out shapes that I hope will convert into my interpretations of Creative Prompt words:

I also ordered a premier copy of the Craft Sanity magazine. I have often used their ideas for crafts or they have inspired me to create something based on their ideas! I think it is really neat that they are making a magazine now!

Tomorrow my youngest turns ten! Where has the time gone???


Jaye said...

The rug looks like rugs my great grandmother used to make out of bread bags! yes, plastic bread bags. My mom tried to make some and her crocheting wasn't as tight as my GGM's. She said it was also very hard on the wrists. Still, a great way to use plastic and fabulous to put right in front of the door for muddy feet.

Sherri said...

I have made rugs from grocery bags too. I crocheted them. This rag rug is made using the toothbrush method. I love making them out of scraps!